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Women Comfy Platform Sandal Shoes Silver/Yellow/Brown/Leopard Print/Pink/Black/Glod/White,Size5-12


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Material: Premium PU Leather.

Heel Height: 2 - 3cm.

Package Inclusions: 1 Pair x Woman Comfy Toe Correcting Sandals.

 Gold, Purple, Silver, Yellow, Khaki.


Wearing uncomfortable shoes everyday can lead to foot pain, bunions and misaligned toes that affect your body posture!
medical footwear is the solution for you my lady! this correct toe comfy sandals is Extremely comfortable, it can
 relieve bunion pain and correct misaligned toes in no time!

It moves angled toe back to the natural position while realigning the skeletal system for posture correction. Restore your feet properly and reduce pain.


  • COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR - Made with premium materials that are soft and gentle on the feet, excellent choice of footwear for everyday use.
  • RELIEVES BUNION PAIN - Designed to bring comforting relief to your painful bunions.

  • THREE-ARCH SUPPORT DESIGN - Redirects pressure evenly across arch, heel and ball. Keep subtalar joint mobilization balance.

  • PREVENT HIPS - prevent also muscle imbalances and fixes knock-knee and bow-leg.

Sandal structure is meant to correct toes that have been deformed or misaligned by wearing uncomfortable shoes that alters toe structure like high pointy heels.


  • IMPROVES POSTURE - When toes are corrected, posture is improved as the feet achieves correct balance
  • PREVENTS HIPS AND MUSCLE IMBALANCE - The hips and muscles are aligned with the proper center of gravity of your body
  • FIXES KNOCK-KNEES AND BOW LEGS - Once toe alignment is corrected, it eventually leads to proper alignment of the knees as well


Gives you quality feet comfort without sacrificing style, it comes in several colors! Perfect for casual wear or lounging at home!

Treat your feet well with comfortable sandals with style! Get a pair of this Comfy Toe Correcting Sandals NOW!